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Saburo Teshigawara, VACANT

Opéra Comédie, 2007-07-06

Author: Jochen Krölls

In DIU VALLENDE SUHT Henrietta Horn worked on the medieval phenomenon of falling sickness in an impressive way. Interestingly, the festival programme booklet mentions Susanne Linke as an example of styles that are not Teshigawara’s provenance, together with Bhuto - Linke was the head of Folkwang Tanzstudio a while before Henrietta Horn.

And still - Teshigawara’s movements to György Ligeti’s concerto similarly seem to deal with disorders - psychotic or schizoide - the piece does remind me of Diu vallende Suht. Teshigawara seems to interpret Ligeti’s contemporary music throughout as expression of sickness, strangeness, or pain. That disturbs me on the one hand but I have to admit that I know too little about the intentions of the composer which could very well be exactly this.

First the whole group of dancers perform distorted shaking bizarre postures and movements. Later, some freeze and stand still while others continue. Light and sound develop further, the movements become something more dance-like and go back to the distorted style.

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