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Arman Aslizadyan
Reginaldo Oliveira

Ballett des Badischen Staatstheaters, Karlsruhe/Germany 9 June 2012

Author: Jochen Krölls

This year's Karlsruhe Ballet choreographers' presentation yielded a very prominent accomplishment of contemporary dance.

Two humans (or humanoids?), one bar code. A red scanning beam across the scene reading and recognizing the code. The corresponding cash register beep activates the subsequent motion. From now on the audience is confronted with a continuum of ideas, figures, movements, combinations of the two dancers. Fan shaped structures formed by legs and feet, hands and fingers. Fast, precise, and yet organic — human(oid), that is.

Humorous gestures as faint reminders of danced story ballet do not disturb but support Two 4 One's contemporary nature. No time for the audience to ponder whether the story behind reflects humanity's closing sale with its subsequent abolishment or the digitalisation of humanity. In the end it is the audience's belly feeling during the performance that matters. It is like aircrafts in the belly.

Two 4 One's refreshing absence of aesthetizing phrases and embellishments open the perception to the essence of dance. Clear, plain, fragile, and simultaneously swift dance vocabulary forms a perfect match to Starkey's Street Rockers.

Aslizadyan and Oliveira have proven the excellence and the competence to blast the limitations of classical dance. Frenetic, rhythmic applause suggests that the Karlsruhe audience be ready for it. Karlsruhe's next dance generation?

Two 4 One - Aslizadyan-Oliveira

Two 4 One - Aslizadyan-Oliveira

Two 4 One - Aslizadyan-Oliveira

Two 4 One - Aslizadyan-Oliveira

Fotos: Jochen Klenk
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