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ZKM Young Choreographers Session Jan 2014

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Montpellier Dance Festival 2007

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vera | sander | art | connect TRESPASSING

Laureates: Africa/Indian Ocean

Eun Me Ahn: Please Hold My Hands

Lara Martelli: Solo mit Sahne

Akram Khan: Kaash

Junge Choreographen Folkwangschule 2003

Theater der Klänge: Modul|a|t|o|r|

Wim Vandekeybus: Blush



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tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf/Germany, 5 March 2004

Author: Jochen Krölls

The Whole Evolution in One

Mythic elements in a cave, nymphs, angels, embodied aspects. Sounds of pebbles scrunching and knocking against each other. Sharp edged light beams from the stage back corners. Two vertically stretched white canvases at the rear stage boundary. Sound symbolising the cave and the hollow. Cold, hard, mystic.

Chalk powder strewed onto stage in the pattern of ruler marks, representing limitations, trespassed and dispersed over the whole stage, raised by wild dance movements. Over and over again they wallow in the dust. Down to earth. Wallow in the substance that had symbolised the boundaries.

Dimensions transcended. Danced societal interactions and collective constellations as development within evolutionary stages. Physical dust disperses on stage - once an evolutionary stage reaches completion, the creatures disperse, away from their structure and (back) into space, tranquility, the neutral, or nothingness.

Agony. Jeder trägt sein Päckchen. Every individual bears a burden, symbolised by small parcels, attached to a breast, an arm, or a leg, sometimes to the shoulder blades like wings of angels or butterflies. A parcel can be a burden but also uplifting… if it symbolises wings.

Trespassed limitations on the stage floor, but verbal and symbolic limitations on occasion. The referee or arbitrator commands characters from one place to another, orders to disassemble or to separate into two groups.

Tribal interaction. Dances in groups, circles, wide or narrow, pivoting, twisting. Organic and curved, but bizarre, with edges and tines. Couples in any permutation of male and/or female, Capoeira at times. Affection and rejection. Confidence and scepticism. The whole spectrum of existence in a continuum that speeds up for interaction and slows down into relaxation alternately.

Sound mutating from reverbing stream into crackling dynamic, bumpy groove. Rare quotations of traditional classical music. Thoroughly designed sound scenery. Achievement of the final stage when the continuous forward movement of the upper end of the canvases reaches the front stage, the bottom edge remaining fixed at the rear stage floor.

Canvas - sails - transcen-dance. Groove - grave? - grove? - cave?

Sound: Dirk Specht. Decoration: Peter van de Logt.

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