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Lara Martelli: Solo mit Sahne

Pact Zollverein, Essen/Germany, 10 July 2003

Author: Jochen Krölls

for sale

In the June Atelier at Pact Zollverein Lara Martelli had already presented an extract of "Solo mit Sahne" - Solo with Whipped Cream. Then it was without the cream and torn out of the context. Not sure whether I have understood it this time but the picture is a lot clearer now.

The audience enters the auditorium via the stage. Lara is caught in a glass cage in the right middle of the stage. Bizarre, grotesque movements, interrupted by immobility. Leaning against the glass of the cage, falling, stretching, sometimes like a jumping jack, sometimes like a marionette. Although there is a glass lid on the cage, someone seems to pull the strings. Reminds me of those small plastic dolls whose limbs are held together by threads - if you press the spring button then the doll collapses, but it stands up again if you release the button. Acoustically accompanied by Massimo Carozzi's sound design at the extasy of which Lara leaves the glass cage.

She performs a number of (very Folkwangish) dance figures whilst blowing up balloons which she then releases, with a clenched smile. "Next player please" (or so) she repeats, accompanied by sexually provoking movements. Is this some kind of peep show with a doll moved by 'players', selling herself? - that is my naïve imagination, I apologise in advance if this is a complete misinterpretation…

Behind the cage, on the floor, she puts on a red gym-dress, red flashing devil's horns, and a pair of high heeled shoes. She takes a piece of cake, sprays whipped cream on it and starts eating it. She sprays more and more whipped cream onto the cake, the cream sticks to her face. She sprays the cream further onto her arms and legs, her breast, and belly. The cream, of course, falls to the floor and she starts a grotesque dance of stepping, walking and slipping movements on the slippery floor that is probably not meant to be funny at all but to show the agony that the figure feels. I am mentally wavering between impulses of laughter and irritation. Her twisting foot makes the decision for me because I physically feel the pain for a couple of minutes until the painful, grotesque twisting agony is over and Lara continues the prostitution by presenting 'Cabaret - Money Makes the World Go Round' to an imagined audition. Several times. At several points on stage. And finally in the cage again. Then another bizarre game on the slippery floor that provokes laughter.

I am impressed by the desparate grotesqueness and agony of a doll selling her body to a peep show audience. The laughters get stuck in the audience's throats. That's how I have perceived it. Would be interesting to hear what Lara's intentions are.

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