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ZKM Young Choreographers Session Jan 2014

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Junge Choreographen Folkwangschule 2003

Theater der Klänge: Modul|a|t|o|r|

Wim Vandekeybus: Blush



Christian Rizzo: B.c. Janvier 1545, Fontainebleau

Chai du Terral, 2007-06-25

Author: Jochen Krölls

The hare is waiting in front of the curtain until it reveals the white stage. Total silence. Lighted candles spread all over the floor. Black sculptures in various shapes made out of tissue and cushions hang down from above. Both the candles and the sculptures reduce the space available for dance movements. A woman in black clothes lies on a long table in front of the back wall.

She moves slowly, remains on the table for a while. Then, slowly, she leaves the table and I recognise her ultra-pointed ultra-high heels. A few slow and a few abrupt movements, many of them with a pointing finger. What does it point to? The stage light dims down slowly so that it no longer dominates the candle light. The hare (in fact an actor with a hare mask) walks to one of the candles, takes it away and positions it on the table.This puts a slight end to the silence as he wears kind of a wooden chain that produces a weak noise as he is moving.

While this procedure repeats itself seemingly endlessly in slightly varying constellations of candles and dancing positions, we notice upcoming sound environment: Mixtures and combinations of natural instrument loops and electronic noise that culminates in mega noise not ever seeming to want to end. Not much of a difference to techno music of the most intense kind. Although, there are a few instances when I can follow and appreciate the soundtrack during which the rest of the procedure on stage continues with little variation.

When finally all the candles are tidyly arranged on the table I find myself wishing the performance had reached its end, after two or three ten-second-instances of fading attention during which my spirit glides into other spheres outside the Chai du Terral... But I will have to patient myself for another 15 minutes or so, during which the hare walks to a board at the front left corner of the stage where we find a board from which he draws the threads of the sculptures to make them disappear in stage heaven. The magic ends with her blowing off the candles. Heaven.

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