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Régine Chopinot, O.C.C.C

Théâtre de Grammont, 2007-07-05

Author: Jochen Krölls

O.C.C.C deals with what happens when time disappears and all that consequently remains is the present. A spiritually not at all uncommon idea. Here are my impressions:

Apart from a very short introduction scenery all light comes from an almost dazzling light back stage wall, very evenly rear-illuminated by fluorescent tubes, with a very cold tint. A number of objects on stage - trolley suitcases, wooden bricks, spears. All back, same as the stage itself. Consequently we perceive any action like in a shadow theatre. Chopinot cultivates this in the way the dancers position themselves and also, interestingly, in their hand signs - mudras?

Strict black and white as a reduction of colours and shades and almost two-dimenssionality as an equivalent to the loss of past and future? Cold, black and white also the sound (and most of the time noise) environment. Nothing really new from that part (not saying that I expect spectacular innovation here) - noise samples at various playback speeds to produce strange sounds, at times some common rhythm patterns, plus some synthesizer tunes, put into a big pot, stirred and sent to the loudspeakers. Some of the arrangements do touch me however.

Very intelligent use of the objects. Used as masks, matraces, gliding shoes, thrown and caught. Unique dancing figures. Surprisingly arranged clusters of dancers, acrobatic and sensitive at the same time. The present makes itself aware (and the absence of past and future) in the continuity. As there are no past and no future we do not have to think about what will be next. It just happens. O.C.C.C. just happens. And that can be the overall message to us. Let it happen.

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