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Akram Khan: Kaash

Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf/Germany, 14 March 2003

Author: Jochen Krölls

The danced universe

Preciseness of spinning elements following patterns in space. Thus defining the space within matter. We cannot touch it, but even so, what we cannot touch has a particular value. "Is it not true that the empty space inside the cup is what renders it useful?" This mystery, the stillness between steps, the (time) spaces between musical phrases and the (empty) space between the dancers - they all pull the same string and make Kaash an all-inclusive, consistent work of art, and even more, it is practised prayer.

Vibration and pulsation from the first second - eternal resonance. Asymmetric rhythms (7/4/3) in total naturalness provoking elementary order of movement and rest. The universe becoming evident as dance. Experienced unfolding of oneness. All aspects of being. Deep worship of Creation.

During the Montpellier Dance festival 2002, Akram Khan has presented his traditional Kathak solo programme with live music. The image on the right hand side might give you a slight impression of the warm summer night ambience in the Cour des Ursulines a(r)trium. A brilliant introduction into traditional Indian Kathak that gave much more than intellectual understanding but a sensation of the deepness of Indian divinity as it reveals itself in Indian Kathak Dance. That as a preparation, as an implanted mind set, has certainly increased my appreciation of Kaash, which his compagnie presented few days later in the Opéra Comédie and on 14 March in Düsseldorf.

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