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Claire Hurpeau and
Claudia Catarzi at the Young Choreographers Session

ZKM Medientheater Karlsruhe,
23 January 2014

Author: Jochen Krölls

Sasha Waltz’ Karlsruhe presence since September 2013 has been boosting the perception of high quality, real contemporary, dance in Karlsruhe a great deal. Continuous performances during and as part of the installations, objects and performances exhibition of Sasha Waltz’ work until present have been lifting contemporary dance to a level of awareness unique to Karlsruhe.

An absolute highlight within this ‘golden dance period’ was yesterday’s Young Choreographers Session at ZKM Medientheater. Young, international dancers that Sasha Waltz recruited for her current project presented their own choreographies. A wide variety of dance in one evening. Young, fresh, autonomous, sometimes neoclassical, some Wuppertal.

Two of these performances were outstanding: Claire Hurpeau’s Vibrant Landscapes and Claudia Catarzi’s Sul Punto. Each presenting an absolutely autonomous dance vocabulary —

Vibrant Landscapes by Claire Hurpeau

The original intent was to question alternative dance aesthetics, with the result of developing, again alternative, dance aesthetics. Movements that create induction within the audience.

Five dancers carrying each other on stage, drawn to the floor by the physical law of gravitation. Forming constellations, disperging again, dissolving territories, quivering individuals and shaking planet. Gliding, rocking, creeping, rolling.

Claire Hurpeau’s co-operation with composer José Rafael Subía Valdez revealed the superior quality a performance can achieve if sound and choreography emerge simultaneously. I have hardly ever seen, and listened to, a performance that achieved an organic equivalence between sound and dance such as Vibrant Landscapes did. A fine example of electroacoustic avant garde composition at a location where pioneer Ludger Brümmer teaches and does research on electronic avant garde music.

Sul Punto by Claudia Catarzi

observes the layer between conscious and unconscious, the land between awake and asleep, where we hand over control over our body — and our mind? Claudia Catarzi develops an enormous variety of movements, postures, and gestures that establish a dialog towards the audience. There is a wonderful equivalent between stillness and motion. The stillness allows the audience to syncronize. Some clicking noise samples, every now and then, minimalistically interrupt the stillness acoustically.

Claudia Catarzi explains her topic in this very particular and authentic language and gives the audience an insight impossible to express in words. Consequently, whilst most movements and postures exclude verbal description — that is why this is dance, not poetry! — some are really striking. Left arm stretched horizontally, head bent sideways below left arm, right arm held below head. One impulse of lifting the head above the stretched left arm, as if this was to signal the boundary between the states of being awake vs. being asleep on the way through nowhereland. This of course is very pictorial, but there are so many sublime, sensitive, profoundly touching moments. Stunningly, even the most extreme postures still appear organic.

I am certain that we will see more of these two — and the other — choreographers of this Young Choreograpers Session soon. And let us assume that — amongst other places in the world — we will do so in Karlsruhe. In the sense of merging contemporary arts and increasingly adding dance to the other medial arts, such as electronic avant garde music, ZKM with its high profile should be pivotal to Karlsruhe.
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